RK Smith Construction has been building homes in the Middle Georgia area since 1993.  He builds in Dooley, Peach, and Houston Counties. His customers come from all walks of life and are all looking for a dependable builder to build them a quality new home.  

Who are RK Smith Construction Customers?

     RK Smith has built houses for people from all walks of life.  Doctors, dentists, educators, civil service, salesmen, and just about any other walk of life you can imagine.  The one thing that all RK Smith customers have in common is this. They want to build a quality home, made of quality materials, installed by professionals and need help in organizing the project.  That's it.  There's no big "secret' about what RK Smith customers are looking for.  If that describes you.... then just click on the contact us button in the menu above and let's get started. 

Where RK's customers come from!

     RK works with people who have great ideas about the new home they want to build, but may not have the time. experience, or both... to oversee building the home themselves. His customers are looking for someone with the expertise to see their dreams come to life. They want someone who will help manage the project all the way from the foundation being poured to the final walk through of the home.

     Most of the time RK's customers have a plan for their home already picked out, and need someone to help them make the changes that they see in their heads, get put on paper...and show up in their new home. But he did have a customer who did not have a house plan. The husband was disabled and they couldn't find anyone that would work with them and help figure out a living arrangement while the house was being built. He found someone to move the existing house until it was done… and it did not cost them anything extra.

    That kind of service is why the majority of RK's new customers come from "word of mouth' advertising.  He provides you with the kind of service that you need when you're building your home.  If you call RK, you can expect a quick callback, usually within 15 minutes.  If it takes longer than that it means that something is probably wrong with his phone.  RK believes that it takes a hands on approach to get the type of quality in a home that his customers deserve. 

     All his subcontractors will tell you that RK is very particular with it comes to his homes.  They may even say he's very hard to work for.  It has to be right to have RK Smith Construction's approval .  Everyone that works with RK Smith Construction are professionals and do professional work. They are very good at what they do.  Most of them have been in business for 10, 15, and in some cases 40 years.

     RK is a very personal, frank and straightforward businessman.  You can check him out any way shape or form and you will be satisfied with what you find out about him.  Building your new home is serious business.   He's not 'into' technology, social network, blogging, and all the other high tech gadgetry that many are using these days.  This website is being created just like RK Smith operates.  With you, the customer... as the main reason for it being here.

Where RK's Customers Live!

     Rk Smith Construction Company builds houses in Monroe, Dooly, and Houston Counties.  He operates in this area because it allows him to focus on building a high quality home for his customers, by being ON SITE, rather than spending all of his time driving to and from areas that would require 'short term visits' rather than 'all day long productive time' on your new home.

     If you would like to read about the counties that RK builds in, then simply follow the links of interest for you here!


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