RK Smith Construction builds your new home for a supervision fee. He has been doing his process for many years. It's one fee, and one fee only.  If you contact his references they will tell you that he's very good at this. You can get a house built cheaper, but that is what you will get… a cheap house.

What RK Smith Construction Does

     RK Smith Construction believes in focusing on what you love, and what you are good at. RK smith is good at building homes. His list of satisfied new home construction customers all speak highly of him. He does do major remodels, but his specialty is new home construction and custom home building. 

     RK does major remodels but he does not do single room remodels. He does do new room additions. He refers the jobs that he doesn't do to other companies that specialize in those type of things. He doesn't get a commission, he just passes on the names because he he likes helping people get good service, even if it's not from him. He is very upfront and takes pride in 'telling it like it is". RK's License is a General Contractor Basic Individual license, but has also built commercially, restaurants and other businesses.

     RK Smith is an On-Site Builder.  He doesn't build a house by the phone.  He may be at the job site continuously during the construction phases. 

     RK Smith stays on schedule, better than most builders.  Every week he provides them with a report of what is being done that week, and what he intends on getting done the next week.  He tells them face to face.  

What RK Doesn't Do

     RK Smith Construction doesn't do Spec homes.  RK started his building career with Tom Eaton in 1988, after retiring from a job he had done for 20 years. He helped Tom build for 5 years and built over 20 houses in one subdivision. They were all spec houses, and they did not do pre-solds  It was during this time that RK learned that for him, he got his greatest satisfaction seeing the look on the face of new home buyers when they walk into their new home for the first time, especially when they had participated in the construction of the new home. It's for that reason that RK Smith Construction doesn't do Spec homes. He likes helping people get the home of their dreams.

     RK is not a 'Phantom Builder".  He doesn't show up on the job for 10 minutes in the morning, then go play a round of golf and come back later in the day.  He doesn't build a house by the phone.

     RK Smith Construction doesn't do turn key jobs. Turn key is when people come to you and want you to build a house and just want everything set in stone. He feels that it is deceiving because his experience has taught him there are many things about a home that may change during it's construction. Some builders use these changes to increase the amount of profit they make on a house. RK doesn't operate that way.


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