"I can go anywhere, anytime, and if I see someone I built a home for, they will speak to me and they will be satisfied with the work that I performed for them. I think that's quite an accomplishment!" RK Smith

Ben & Evonne Bartlett
This was our first experience building a custom built home and if we build again, R.K. would be the man.  He made the process smooth and completed our home in a very timely manner. We were informed well ahead of the next step that would take place and the decisions that we would have to make. He was demanding on his crews to be on time, keep a clean worksite and produce high quality work; NO EXCEPTIONS.  We were impressed with each and every phase of building our beautiful new home.  We would highly recommend R.K. Smith to build your new home.

Ben & Evonne Bartlett
Perry, GA
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Johnny Gayton
RK Smith has done construction, maintenance, and remodeling for me personally and my businesses for many years.  During that time I have found they are  easy to talk with, dependable, and very professional.  As a Scotsman I never want to pay more than I have to and that has been another significant advantage to using the RK Smith Construction Company.  I remember many years ago when I was trying to get my home finished, RK Smith took over and finished in a timely manner while controlling costs. They have been in charge of several projects at both Johnny G's and Eyesight Associates.  I knew when RK Smith was in charge they would be sure that the job was done efficiently and accurately.  Ronnie's relationship with your subs also enables us to get quick service whenever we need it.  I look forward to having RK Smith as our contractor for many more years.
Johnny Gayton
Rob & Julie Weaver

R.K. Smith built our home in 2004. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, quality, honesty, and timeliness of his work performance as a contractor. We hope we never have to build again, but if we do, R.K. Smith will certainly be the builder.
Rob & Julie Weaver
Elko, Ga.

Weaver HOme
The Hornes

We had the pleasure of working with R.K. during the construction of our home. Building a new home was a wonderful experience with R.K. in charge.  His constant presence at the building site ensured work was completed on time and to our satisfaction. We were impressed with all the people that work with him; they all seemed to be experts in their field. The best aspects of working with R.K. was that our house was completed in three and half months and within budget!! After working with R.K. we consider him a friend of the family and we would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to build a house.
-The Hornes

Horne Home
Jeff & Martha Brett
R.K. Smith built our home in Elko a year ago and it was a thoroughly positive experience. From the first time we met he understood the quality of home we were seeking and had the expertise and people to get the job done. As soon as we got started things moved smoothly and efficiently. He always had the next step/sub in place and ready to go. As a result there were very few days that someone wasn't at the site working on our house. There were many days that two or three subs were here. R.K. was here daily making sure things were being done correctly and like we wanted them. His cost estimates were incredibly accurate! We have been in the house 9 months and he has been prompt to get the few post construction glitches taken care of. We love our house and plant o enjoy it for many years! We would recommend R.K. to anyone who desires an exceptionally built home with minimum wasted time!
Jeff & Martha Brett
John Brannen
Mr. R.K. Smith was the contractor for my recent house construction project, and used Warner Robins Supply as my supplier of building products. R.K. is a person you can trust that your house will be built with no delays and with people who know their trade and care. R.K. is always on site and follows through on every aspect of building a house. It was a pleasure to have someone like R.K. looking after my new home.
John Brannen
Unadilla, Ga.
Jay & Kathleen Greer
We contracted with RK Smith to build our dream home. It was an extraordinary experience from the first meeting. He was supportive of our ideas, but also made recommendations based on his experience. His subs were friendly and top-notch. He kept us up-to-date on the progress of the house.Some builders do it fast and some do it right; if you want both, we recommend RK Smith to build the home of your dreams.
Jay & Kathleen Greer
Robert M Jeter

R.K. Smith Construction Company built my two new pool houses. It meant a lot to know that R.K. would only use quality building materials during my construction.
Robert M. Jeter
Byromville, Ga.

Reed & Renee Horton
After much consideration, we chose R.K. Smith to build our home in 2002. Many people told us how stressful and frustrating it usually is to build a home. With R.K., this was not the case. He kept us involved in the building process from start to finish. I can say that I had very definite opinions on what I wanted and did not want inside and out of our home. R.K. did everything he could to make our home as we wanted it. He gave us several weeks lead time before important decisions had to be made so we could make informed decisions. This eliminated much of the pressure that I think usually happens when building. Knowing in advance what decisions needed to be made, helped us stay timely and complete our home quickly. Without any hesitation, we recommend R.K. Smith as a professional builder. He was a pleasure to work with during our construction. Everyone who has seen our home agrees he did a fantastic job!
Reed & Renee Horton
Horne Home

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