RK Smith is an onsite builder. He doesn't show up on the job for 10 minutes in the morning, then go play a round of golf and come back later in the day. He doesn't build a house by the phone.  He understands that his customers depend on him to build a quality new home.

If you want a turn key job

      RK Smith Construction doesn't do turn key jobs. Turn key is when people come to you and want you to build a house and just want everything set in stone. He feels that it is deceiving because his experience has taught him there are many things about a home that may change during it's construction. Some builders use these changes to increase the amount of profit they make on a house. RK doesn't operate that way.

What do we charge?

  RK Smith Construction builds your new home for a supervision fee. He has been doing his process for many years. It's one fee, and one fee only. RK starts with a work up sheet on the house so that you will know how much the materials and labor are going to cost you.  He gets this figure as close as he can, but tells you upfront that these figures can have some variance.  If you contact his references they will tell you that he's very good at this. He's very close on his figures. 

Why would the figues change?

     When RK finishes hes work up sheet, you get a copy of it.  If during the construction you decide that you want to change the kitchen cabinet materials, or maybe you want to change the bathroom to an all tile floor, RK will sit down with you and show you the effect that will have on the budget you set up for your new home.  If RK figured $7 a foot on flooring based on what information you have given him,  and you decide that you would rather have a different flooring that is $10 per square foot, then he will tell you the rough amount difference in what the house will cost. He doesn't get any more money up front for it. The house is built on trust. Both parties have to trust each other, and he works hard to earn that trust. It's a trusting business and it works both ways.


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